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Teaching Aids


The following tool box samples, collaterals, and proformas were provided principally for the use of the ECIC 2005 Technology Transfer & Management class in support of thesis projects.  Please click as highlighted to open pdf files.


Tool Box

The Technology Commercialization Toolbox An oldie but goodie. Apologies and appreciation to original Canadian source since original source lost. Contains:
  • How-to fact sheets

  • Checklists samples and other tools

Checklist - Tool Box Series of checklists for:
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Technology Development
  • Forming a Team
  • Market Promotion & Marketing
Appraising Inventions Source: John T. Perchorowicz, Institutional Relations Group of Research Corporation Technologies.


Technology Rollout Plan Methodology, Strategy and Mind Map to develop rollout plan seeking corporate partners for for partially developed technology


Business Models Types of business models with specific examples.  Generally, the business models of service firms are more complex than those of manufacturers and resellers.


Collaborative R&D Guidelines While the potential value of IP is well recognised in research organizations, the ownership, sharing, and commercial development of any IP from collaborative arrangements has been a major point of disagreement particularly in Australia.


VC Business Plan Outline  Elements in typical venture capital business plan


Basic Biotech Business Plan Key elements in basic biotech business plan
Sample Corporate Business Case Presentation Typical Business Case with Financial Analysis


Marketing Collaterals

Technology eProfile One-page profile of specific technology published by ANSTO Business Lab
Science eGuide One-page profile of specific scientific capability  published by ANSTO Business Lab
R&D Business Opportunity Sample R&D BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY seeking interest in specific technology



Simple Licensing Model Basic proforma model to determine potential licensing fee and potential ROI to licensee and licensor.
Simple New Venture Model Basic proforma model to determine profitability of new ventures.



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