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BRW: Tech Stock Series.

  • Publication: Engineer Treads Water.  An acquisition spree and a strategy realignment may finally start to pay dividends for one tech start-up. BRW Feb 7-13 2008

  • Publication: Unlucky Laser.  Australian-listed Silex Systems has experienced a sharp fall in its share price. In May 2007, the company licensed its uranium enrichment technology to GE. BRW Jan 24 2008

BRW: Good Dose of Directorship Series.

  • The right path.  Directors of emerging businesses will benefit from a protocol providing a roadmap to reasonableness. BRW March 22 - 28 2007, published with permission. Click here for copy

  • A duty to nurture.  The attraction of investment, leadership and board expertise for startup businesses is being hindered by legal action and expanding regulation. BRW March 15 - 21 2007, published with permission. Click here for copy

  • The right direction.  Getting the appropriate directors and board members in place and keeping them there is imperative for a company to run smoothly. BRW March 1 -7 2007, published with permission. Click here for copy

  • Is Your Biotech Investor Ready?   Investing in biotech poses some interesting challenges.  Valuation of early stage companies is difficult enough in itself without the challenge of the science which is both daunting and difficult to understand.  Take this quick quiz to determine whether you’re seriously ready to talk to investors.  Click here for copy
  • Venture Dispatches: CEO's Guide to Intangible Resources?   Mention the word “resources” in Australia and you immediately conjure up images of a booming ASX market led by commodities. And yet there’s another type of resources that allows companies to successfully compete in global markets and deliver attractive returns for their shareholders.   Click here for copy
  • Collaborative R&D IP Ownership Guidelines.   While the potential value of intellectual property is well recognised in research organizations, the ownership, sharing, and commercial development of any IP from collaborative arrangements has been a major point of disagreement. These  guidelines proposes a portfolio interest approach to address such issues. Click here for copy
  • Are You Investor Ready?   While some of the old rules still apply when seeking investment, there are a few key questions you need to able to answer before you’re investor ready.   Click here for copy
  • Going Global in the US?  Sooner, or later, the typical Australian tech business looks offshore.  And, the US as the largest consumer, technology and venture capital market beckons. How difficult can it be to go global in the US given what appears to be a large, homogeneous, English speaking, and rule-of-law market?  Click here for copy
  • VC Guide to Valuing Early Stage Technology Speech. LESANZ Conference, Queenstown, New Zealand, July 16, 2004.   Click here for copy



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