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Our primary interest is in private equity and, specifically, angel investing.


We seek to identify and invest in technologies and technology-based businesses that have a strategic value to Fortune 1000 companies, and thereby lower the risk profiles of getting to market and shorten the expected liquidity event.


The Prometheus advantage derives from an experienced, networked management team executing a simple three-phase investment strategy which:

  1. identifies technologies that are strategic to known interests of Fortune 1000s, either by identifying:

    (a) the strategic needs of partners, and finding technologies and products that meet those identified needs; or

    (b) by identifying promising technologies and finding partners that have strategic need for the identified technologies.

  2. helps to transform strategic technologies and products into operating companies having clearly articulated business plans for products with known market demand. Prometheusí combined experience will supplement existing in-house executive management skill and experience.

  3. provides liquidity for investments by selling or licensing the technology and/or the business to its corporate network, or by traditional IPOs.

In sourcing referral opportunities, Prometheus uses a referee process. Referees include partners in major accounting, patent/law, or investment banking firms, corporate officers in listed companies, or successful entrepreneurs.




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