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Prometheus focuses primarily on early-stage manufacturing, information technology, life science/radiopharmaceuticals, and renewal energy enterprises.


These sectors represent major growth opportunities for the economy in general, and for Australia in particular. Although we may invest at any stage of a company's development, we are biased towards early-stage investment as the best opportunity to leverage the value-added capabilities of our team.


In information technology, we focus mainly on communications and software.  Growth in the communications market continues to be fueled by the global connectivity of business and by the promise of interactive digital media.


Software is a fundamental technology and is the driving force behind new computer and communication architectures, in particular the Internet.


Prometheus sees opportunity for businesses that solve mission-critical problems by providing software-based middleware, tools, and applications.


Our interests in Renewable Energies include photovoltaics, wind, biomass, environmental and nuclear energy.




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