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[robert muir]

Robert Muir, Founder

Rob Muir, BE Chem Eng FAICD, draws on a wealth of related business experience as an early-stage investor, president of two VC funded start-up companies, research institute CEO and a F100 strategic corporate partner. As a former Investment Commissioner for North America for the Australian Government, Rob is acutely aware of the business challenges facing companies competing in global markets. He has an in-depth understanding of US capital markets, private equity investing, and the growth of emerging enterprises.



[pamela lloyd]

Pamela Lloyd, Partner

Pamela Lloyd, BA MLitt., has more than twenty years' journalist experience and specialises in corporate communications, public and media relations, and conference/business event media management, particularly in the private equity, technology and health sectors.


Pam is Managing Director of  Pamela Lloyd Publishing Services Pty Ltd.

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