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Managing Technology for Profit, A Small Business Guide



Competing in 90s

Opportunities for New Business

Do We Have a Market?

Can We Make a Business?

What Form of Business?

Licensing the Pieces

Aligning the Pieces

Money - the Glue

People the Yeast

Selling Our Products

Fitting the Pieces

R&D Biz Strategies 

Presenting the Deal

Lessons Learned Along the Way

Sample Agrs









Managing Technology for Profit,
A Small Business Guide

Written by Prometheus partner Robert Muir for entrepreneurs, Managing Technology for Profit, A Small Business Guide, is designed as simple, down-to-earth, street-smarts guide. 

Chapters covering strategy, planning, marketing, finance, human relations, technology licensing, and VC presentations are all signposted with a simple Greek theme to join disparate subjects together--and to add a little culture and interest!  You can either browse individual chapters, sample agreements, or download the entire book.



Competing in the 1990s

  • Impact of Technology

  • Managing in the Face of Rapid Change

  • Seven Deadly Sins of Technology Mismanagement



Opportunities for New Business

  • Protect It or Lose Itan Introduction to Patents and Intellectual Property

  • How Intellectual Property Creates and Protects Markets

  • Evaluating Technology for Opportunity



Do We Have a Market for the Technology?

  •  Technology Analysis: Key To Markets
  • Snapshot Market Research...Secondary Research
  • Information:  A Strategic Commodity



Can We Make a Business with This Technology?

  • Mousetrap Marketing

  • Competitive IntelligenceNo Cloak and Dagger Required

  • Understanding the Marketing Game

  • Small Companies Survive By Understanding Market Niches

  • Common-Sense Market Planning



What Form of Business?

  • What Are Our Options?
  • The Formal Business Plan
  • Everything has its Price if We Can Price it Right



Licensing the Pieces

  • Why Should Small Business Be Interested in Licensing?

  • Technology May Pay Best in Someone Else's Company

  • Technology Licensing Can Become License to Make Money

  • No Mystery to Examining Licensing: Prepare

  • Don't Play Licensing Game Without A Plan

  • Each Licensing Agreement Has Standard Terms

  • Here's the Shop Manual for Licensing "Tool"

  • Routes Vary on the Road to Royalties



Aligning the Pieces

  • Grow A Business With Strategic Alliances That Pay Off
  • R&D Consortia as a Business Strategy



Money - the Glue Holding the Business Together

  • Sources of Capital for Small Business
  • The Angel NetworkBuilding Infrastructure by Investing in Small Business
  • Entrepreneurs Seek Gold in Venture Capital Mine
  • SBIRGovernment a Willing Innovation Partner for Small Business
  • The Banker Is An Investment, Select Him Carefully



People the Yeast to Grow the Business

  • Numbers Count, but Leaders Can See More

  • Geometry Draws Lines of Authority

  • Schizophrenic Leadership

  • Communicating Basics

  • Key to Communication: How Do Others Hear the Message?

  • Employee Enthusiasm

  • Musings on Selling

  • Personalities for Sales

  • Interns Can Spark the Business
  • Hiring the New Graduate



Selling Our Products

  • Marketing Our Image

  • Letter Marketing

  • Meeting Advertising Goals Demands Commitment

  • Advertising In The Classifieds

  • Lateral Thinking, Credibility and Advertising

  • Bantering

  • Nurturing Credibility

  • Living Up to Our Image



Fitting the Pieces

  • The Quality Concept: Great Tool, Terrible Master

  • Crisis: Product Failure

  • Unplanned Sales Leads Can Lead to Nowhere

  • Pitfalls Lurk in Simple "Make or Buy" Issue

  • Credit Policy

  • Keeping 'em Down on the Farm

  • Surviving a Media BlitzWithout Getting an Ulcer



R&D Strategies for Business  

  • Global CompetitionThe U.S. Perspective

  • CRI, Inc.The Ant and The Elephant

  • Pyrolysis Materials Research ConsortiumAn Industry/Govn Case Study

  • Plastics Computer Integrated Manufacturing Consortium



Presenting the Deal

  • Rules of the Game

  • The Wow Factor

  • Management

  • Market

  • Money

  • The Presentation

  • InstaCharge Case Study



Lessons Learned Along the Way



Sample Agreements

  • Sample Staff Agreement

  • Sample Consultant Agreement

  • Sample Secrecy Agreement

  • Sample Joint-Development Agreement

  • Sample License Agreement

  • Sample Distributor Agreement


Entire Book in pdf Format

Managing Technology for Profit, A Small Business Guide.  

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