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Although we may choose to invest at any stage of a company's development, we believe that early-stage investments are the best opportunity to leverage our value-added capabilities.

We look for companies with:

  • clearly defined market opportunities,

  • differentiated and proprietary technology, and

  • an experienced core CTO with proven effectiveness.

Prometheus target companies which should have the potential to attain leadership positions in fast-growing market segments of $50 million or more. Prometheus will typically invest between $500,000 and $2 million, either alone or as part of a syndicate; if additional investment is required, we will participate in all subsequent financing. When an investment syndicate is formed for a company in Australia, we are able and willing to act as the local lead for angels and venture capital firms outside of the region.


Since our interest is targeted at maximizing technology leverage, we will not invest in retail, franchise, or distribution companies. We also will not invest in real estate, oil and gas, or financial services. We may choose to invest in service companies that have a strong technology component and the opportunity to create proprietary intellectual property. By focusing on major technology innovations, we anticipate developing new leading companies in our target sectors.




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