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The Greek god Prometheus can be described as responsible for the first 'technology transfer'. When Zeus refused mortals the knowledge of fire, Prometheus 'transferred' it to them. 

Zeus, enraged at this empowerment, chained Prometheus to a rock to be tortured by birds of prey.  Ultimately, Prometheus was freed by a great ally, Hercules. 

PEPVC  recognizes the value of partnerships, alliances and networks in taking technology to global markets.




Founded in 1997, the principals of PROMETHEUS EQUITY PARTNERS have built a highly regarded business advisory practice largely based on their professional knowledge, networks and experience of US capital markets, private equity investing and the growth of emerging enterprises.

Our primary focus is on working with business and private equity investors to provide:


Conception, execution and/or forensic review of business plans, revenue models, business development and market entry strategies


Business facilitation across diverse industry and public sectors, access to capital and mentoring of management teams and provision of interim executive roles

We excel at assisting executive management to develop, evaluate and present specific business opportunities to business partners, government and investors.  Our forensic business evaluations result in small interventions that have significant impact on the growth and success of the business.




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